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Saline lakes are common on every continent and are of considerable economic, ecological,  and scientific value. Since 1979, an informal international association of salt lake researchers from a  variety of disciplines have sponsored a series of triennial conferences to foster scientific exchange and  further our understanding of saline lakes. ISSLR was founded to establish effective liaison between persons interested in any aspect of inland  saline waters, to encourage these interests, and to educate the public in the scientific use, management,  and conservation of salt lakes.

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Shira Lake,
Russia 2002:
Over 150 scientists attended the 8th International Conference on Salt Lake Research, Khakassia, Russia, 23-26 July 2002: Conference website  / Abstracts / Report
Perth, Australia 2005: 100 scientists attended the 9th International Conference on Salt Lake Research held in Perth, Western Australia, 26-30 September 2005.
Abstracts / Meeting Report
Great Salt Lake,
USA 2008:
The 10th International Conference on Salt Lake Research (ISSLR X) was held in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, May 11-16, 2008.
Program / Abstracts
Mar Chiquita, Argentina 2011: The 11th International Conference on Salt Lake Research will be hosted by Enrique Bucher and Erio Curto in Miramar, Cordoba, Argentina on the shore of Mar Chiquita, 8-16 May 2011.
Conference Web Site / Photos / Field Trip

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8/23/2014 Submissions of papers for publication, post 12th ISSLR conference
3/17/2014 Bids for the 13th ISSLR symposium in 2017
3/5/2014 12th conference on Salt lake research
12/3/2013 website for 12th ISSLR confrence is update
11/3/2013 Website for 12th ISSLR conference
10/12/2013 First circular for 12th ISSLR conference
10/1/2013 12th International Conference on Salt Lake Research, Langfang City, China
4/4/2012 Vale
5/22/2011 Group photo 11th ISSLR conference
9/8/2010 11th Symposium of the ISSLR - Mar Chiquita, Argentina, May 8-15, 2011


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