Scientific Topics

The slogan of the ICSLR2017 is “Studies on Freshwater and Saline Water Lakes – in search for a common ground”. The list of scientific topics:

  • Comparative studies of saline and freshwater lakes
  • Inland lakes in a changing world: anthropogenic and climate change effects on hydrology, chemistry and ecology
  • Physical processes in saline lakes
  • Geology and geochemistry of saline lakes
  • Saline lakes in extreme environments
  • Microbiology of saline lakes (special session dedicated to the memory of professor Bair Namsaraev)
  • Salt lake ecology and biology, food webs and biogeochemical cycling
  • Paleolimnology: environmental change recorded by salt lake sediments
  • Salt lake–landscape interactions, watershed studies
  • Services provided by salt lakes: from chemical resources to cultural and social services
  • Remote sensing and ecosystem modelling to support lake management and decision making
  • Environmental management of salt lakes.