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Special section on salt lakes research is published in Journal of Oceanology and Limnology

Special section composed of the selected papers presented at the 14th International Conference on Salt Lake Research (Murcia, Spain) was publsihed by the Journal of Oceanology and Limnology. The 14th International Conference on Salt Lake Research was held online during October 18–22, 2021 and hosted in Murcia, Spain. The conference was organized by the ISSLR […]

ISSLR important updates

Dear Member of the International Society for Salt Lake Research, We would like to share some news regarding our society. 1. The next triennial conference of the society, 15th International Conference on Salt Lake Research, will be organized in autumn 2024 (November 4-8) in Turkey. The conference will be held in Antalya, the Turkish Riviera, which is […]

XVIII Brazilian Congress of Limnology invites participants

CBLimno 2022 (November 21-25, 2022) will bring connectivity as its central axis. We are increasingly connected, whether due to technological advances in terms of communication and information exchange, or due to the desire to improve quality of life and that of the world. Connectivity is one of the central pieces for the globalization and decentralization […]

Funding opportunity: Impact of Salinity and Heatwaves on Shallow Lakes Ecosystem Structure and Functions under Eutrophic conditions

As a partner of Aquacosm-Plus Project, Middle East Technical University (METU), have designed an experiment on salinity and heatwaves, visit the web page for details Application is open until the end of June, 2022  for admitting transnational Access (TA) users who will get funded for travelling fare and daily allowance. Those who are interested […]

The 15th International Conference on Salt Lake Research will be organized in Turkey

The Board of Directors of the ISSLR after careful considerations of proposals submitted to host the next conference of the Society decided that the 15th International Conference on Salt Lake Research will be organized in Turkey in 2024 (November 4-8). There were three exceptionally strong proposals from Australia (submitted by Dr. Faith Coleman and The Coorong […]

International Society for Salt Lake Research announces call for Thematic Groups

To assist with the objectives and purposes of the International Society for Salt Lake Research the Board of Directors decided to announce a call for  creation of thematic groups. Thematic groups are a very successful instrument of coordination and mobilization of scientific, educational or conservation activities. There are examples of world wide known thematic groups (e.g. […]

The Rise and Fall of the Dead Sea

The online talk by Professor Aharon Oren (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel). This webinar is part of the Salty Shorts series hosted by Great Salt Lake Institute at Westminster College (USA). Like the Great Salt Lake, the Dead Sea’s water level has reached a historic low. In the past years, the level decreased by […]

Scientists propose a new research agenda to understand the consequences of global freshwater salinisation

An international team of scientists analysed the biases and gaps in studies of freshwater salinisation. They present a research agenda to advance the understanding of the effect of salts on lakes and streams. Most importantly, they propose several research priorities on different time and space scales that need to be tackled by multidisciplinary approaches as […]

The deadline for the submission of manuscripts to the special issue of JOL was extended

14th International Conference of the ISSLR was held online in Murcia, Spain, 18-22 October 2021. It is our intention to publish the proceedings of the 14th International Conference of the ISSLR in Journal of Oceanology and Limnology. Please consider publishing your saline lake research in the special volume. It is not necessary that your manuscript repeat […]

The new Board of Directors of the ISSLR was elected

The new Board of Directors of the ISSLR for the next three years (2022-2024) was elected with Egor Zadereev as the President, Mianping Zheng as the Vice-president, Wayne Wurtsbaugh as the Secretary/Treasurer, Tianlong Deng as the Editor, Elena Anufriieva as the young scientists representative and Faith Coleman, Bindy Datson, Zsofia Horvath, Peter Hudson, Katia Hueso […]