The progress with the preparation of the 15th International Conference on Salt Lake Research

We would like to inform you about the progress with the preparation of the 15th International Conference on Salt Lake Research. The conference will focus on all aspects of the salinity related effects in inland waters, from consequences of freshwater salinization to mineral extraction from saturated brines. If you are still not registered for the conference – you still have a good opportunity to do that.

1. The deadline for young scientists and scientists in special situations to apply for travel awards is 31th May. Take your chance to get travel support!   

2. The extended early bird registration deadline is 16th of June with the abstract submission deadline 31th of July. 

3. We selected plenary speakers for the conferences. Erik Jeppesen (Denmark) will talk on the effects of salinity on food web structure and functioning, Lynn de Freitas (USA) will present her experience in NGO activities to promote conservation and protection of saline lakes, Masoud Tajrishy (Iran) will tell the story of Urmia Lake desiccation and Iranian efforts to save the lake, winners of the ISSLR young scientists best paper awards Jianrong Huang and Xiaoxi Sun (China) will represent their outstanding research on microbial carbon fixation and its influencing factors in saline lake water and salinity change induces distinct climate feedbacks of nitrogen removal in saline lakes. We expect to upgrade the list of plenary speakers by the end of June. Follow us to get the new information.  

4. We are planning to organize two discussion panels. One to discuss “Solutions for Shrinking Saline Lakes” and the second one to talk on “The role of NGO in study, conservation and management of saline lakes”. Register for the conference to take part in these fascinating discussions.  

5. The journal for the special issue with papers after the conference was selected. We plan to continue our collaboration with the Journal of Oceanology and Limnologyh. This is a fast developing journal that recently became Q2. The average citation rate for papers published in the special issues of this journal after the last 3 conferences of ISSLR is equal to 10. Take your chance to publish your research in the special issue focused on studies of salinity related effects in inland waters.

6. We announce an exciting opportunity to demonstrate the beautiful and fragile nature of saline lakes and surrounding environments in our first open photo competition. Submit your entries before September 30 to  to showcase talent and creativity.

On behalf of the organising committee,
Meryem Beklioğlu, Co-Chair of the Organizing Committee
Zuhal Akyürek,  Co-Chair of the Organizing Committee
Egor Zadereev, President of the International Society for Salt Lake Research

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