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Special session on saline lakes at the SIL meeting

Early-bird registration and abstract submission are now open for the Congress of the International Society of Limnology (SIL) (Nanjing, China, August 19-24, 2018). Early-bird rates apply till 1 April 1 2018. We are glad to invite you to join special session on saline lakes S23. “Saline lakes: changes in structure, stability and ecosystem services along […]

Old Salt Lake of Redondo

Galen Hunter authored and recently published the book “Old Salt Lake of Redondo”. A review posted on Amazon describe the book as follows: “Old Salt Lake of Redondo opens a window to the past in the South Bay of California. Carefully researched and accompanied by beautiful photographs and copies of original documents, this is a […]

Five ways to study the lake

Lake ecology nowadays is probably not the hottest topic of scientific research. Nano and tech geeks are modern science rock-stars. Biotech and biomed attract money and hopes. Ecology is viewed as something essential, but a bit old-styled. A field of research and common knowledge that “everybody knows we should care about it but let somebody […]

Advanced International Academic Exchange on Salt Lakes and Salts

The Advanced International Academic Exchange on Salt Lakes and Salts organized by the International Society for Salt Lake Research (ISSLR) will be held on May 7 – May 12, 2017 at the Convention Center of the Renaissance, in TEDA, Tianjin, about 100 km southeast of Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA). Tianjin University of Science & […]

2016: Year in science of saline lakes

We review the results of research on saline lakes based on papers published in Web of Science. Combined search for “saline lake” or “salt lake” or “salinity and lake” provided us with some 700 papers on the topic. The popular service “word cloud” helps to visualize the most popular topics and journals. Keywords: 4956 keywords […]

Young Scientist Award for the best papers in saline lake studies

The International Society for Salt Lake Research announces triennial international competition, open to all graduate students and early-career scientists. In this competition, the best papers in saline lake studies will be chosen. An international jury of Board Members of the ISSLR (eleven members from seven countries) will review the papers and choose winners, based on […]

Erik Jeppesen: Saline lake communities should use the momentum to become more visible

Erik Jeppesen (University of Aarhus, Denmark) is well known person in the world of lakes ecology. Previous year he co-authored the paper on ecological impacts of global warming and water abstraction on lakes and reservoirs due to changes in water level and related changes in salinity that received a lot of attention from both scientists and mass media. […]

Upstream water withdrawals, not climate forcing, dominate desiccation of Lake Abert (USA)

Lake Abert (the western Great Basin, USA), designated a critical habitat under the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network, is at near record historic low levels and ultra-high salinities that have resulted in ecosystem collapse. Recent paper by Johnnie N. Moore is focused on determination of the direct human effects and broader climate controls on Lake Abert. […]

Salt of the Earth

Photographers Luke Duggleby and Mikel Landa visited 25 countries to find places where salt is produced according to centuries-old traditions. The results are collected in their book Salz Der Erde (“Salt of the Earth”), published by Mare Verlag. “We know that there are many other saltworks that deserve being shown in this book. The selection has been […]