ISSLR important updates

Dear Member of the International Society for Salt Lake Research,

We would like to share some news regarding our society.

1. The next triennial conference of the society, 15th International Conference on Salt Lake Research, will be organized in autumn 2024 (November 4-8) in Turkey. The conference will be held in Antalya, the Turkish Riviera, which is the most stunning part of Turkey’s Mediterranean coast. The conference will be organized by Prof. Meryem Beklioglu and Esat Arber and other colleagues from the Middle East Technical University with the help of other Turkish agencies and interested parties. Please keep the time in your schedule and follow the updates at the web page of the conference

2. We are accepting nominations for the ISSLR Young Scientist Triennial Award. This competition is open to all graduate students and early-career scientists. In this competition, the best papers in saline lake studies published in 2020-2023 will be chosen. The Society will award two main prizes. The main prize will consist of a certificate and an ISSLR grant (up to $750 USD to cover travel costs and/or registration fee) to attend the 2024 ISSLR regular conference. Check the guidelines rules and spread this information among your colleagues and interested scientists at this link:

3. We open an internship opportunity for young career scientists or graduate students to be involved in the society as a social media and web master. A small remuneration equal to $750 USD per year will be provided for this work. It is expected that the intern will closely collaborate with the ISSLR Board of Directors to develop the media plan for the society social media accounts in Twitter and Facebook and to update the social media pages regularly. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact either the Secretary of the Society Dr. Wayne Wurtsbaugh ( or the President of the Society Dr. Egor Zadereev (

4. The society plans to organize a series of webinars: “Trending topics in saline lakes research” to share the ideas and to discuss the main challenges in various aspects of studies and management of saline lakes. The expected outcomes of the series include video records available for wider research and practitioners’ community, the review or opinion papers stimulated by discussions.

Webinars will be organized in zoom. Each webinar will consist of an introductory lecture by a prominent scientist (30-40 minutes), answers to questions section (10-15 minutes), and brainstorming in zoom rooms (30-40 minutes). Before each webinar, the organizers shall prepare the list of questions for discussion jointly with the lecturer/presenter. The topic of each webinar should be at the cutting edge of science, covering some unresolved or ambiguous questions.

If you want to propose a topic for the webinar (either as a lecturer or just as worth discussing), please contact Dr. Faith Coleman (, a member of ISSLR’s Board of Directors.

On the behalf of the society,

ISSLR Secretary/Treasurer, Dr. Wayne Wurtsbaugh, and

ISSLR President,  Dr. Egor Zadereev