XVIII Brazilian Congress of Limnology invites participants

CBLimno 2022 (November 21-25, 2022) will bring connectivity as its central axis. We are increasingly connected, whether due to technological advances in terms of communication and information exchange, or due to the desire to improve quality of life and that of the world. Connectivity is one of the central pieces for the globalization and decentralization of knowledge and we will go through scientific meetings that will connect from continents to regional groups of researchers.

We are on a planet that is connected in all its many aspects. We have to be in unison with these connections so that we can preserve this ecological web that unites us.

Scientific program of the Congress will include keynote lectures, discussions, round tables, panels and presentations on various topics of limnology including saline lakes studies.

The works will be presented at CBLimno through a written abstract and a video presentation of up to 5 minutes. Abstracts must be one of the topics below:
1 – Biological Invasions
2 – Biodiversity, Evolution and Biogeography
3 – Ecology of Communities and Populations
4 – Ecological Interactions
5 – Restoration and Conservation of aquatic ecosystems
6 – Climate Change and Extreme Events
7 – Teaching and Education in Limnology
8 – Processes and Services of Aquatic Ecosystems
9 – Ecotoxicology and Emerging Contaminants

CBLimno will award the best abstracts in four categories that group the themes, namely:

  • Ecology (Community and Population Ecology; Biodiversity, Evolution and Biogeography)
  • Threats (Biological Invasions; Climate Change and Extreme Events; Ecotoxicology and Emerging Contaminants)
  • Solutions and Processes (Restoration and Conservation of aquatic ecosystems; Processes and Services of Aquatic Ecosystems)
  • Education (Teaching and Education in Limnology)

Also ten mini-courses on aquatic ecotoxicology, data vizualization, using R for various purposes and other topics will be offered online, which will take place before the CBLimno week. 

Visit the web page of the congress for further details.

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