Funding opportunity: Impact of Salinity and Heatwaves on Shallow Lakes Ecosystem Structure and Functions under Eutrophic conditions

As a partner of Aquacosm-Plus Project, Middle East Technical University (METU), have designed an experiment on salinity and heatwaves, visit the web page for details

Application is open until the end of June, 2022  for admitting transnational Access (TA) users who will get funded for travelling fare and daily allowance.

Those who are interested in working with METU  team in the experimental system (METU Mesocosm Sytem II, on the effect of salinity (2 levels) and heatwaves (6oC), can apply to TA portal,

Access Start Date: Aug 25, 2022
Access End Date: Oct 7, 2023
Application Deadline: Jun 30, 2022

Experiment details: A heat wave experiment at two salinities under eutrophic conditions with 4 replicates of each treatment at METU Mesocosm System will be conducted. First 14 days of the experiment there will be no heating in all mesocosms that will be followed by two weeks of heatwaves with 6 degree increase in half of the mesocosm. Then the mesocosms will be monitored for the next 14 days during the recovery period with no heatings. The two salinities selected are: 4 ppt and 40 ppt. At lower salinities fish (Alburnus escherichii ) will be added and expected to survive. Whereas at the higher salinity Artemia will be added and will survive. The mesocosms have 30 cm of sediment and will have submerged macrophytes (Ruppia) added. Inoculums from systems with different salinities will be added one month before the start of the experiments and salinities adjusted by then as well.

Sampling of the mesocosms will be twice a week. Nutrient dosing, water level adjustment as well as salt dosing/adjustment will be carried out weekly. The experiment will start on 25th of August and thus it will run until October 7.

Variables measured will include standard physico-chemical variables, major ions, phytoplankton, ciliates, HNF, zooplankton, diel-O2-metabolism, GHG release, metagenomics (bacteria/ eukaryotes).

The facility METU Mesocosm System has a large number of person-days to offer to successful applicants and the facility providers will be happy to work with TA users who have different interests and ideas. All suggestions are welcome. Please do contact Meryem Beklioğlu while preparing your proposal to discuss details.